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FlySafair AirlineFlySafair Airline is quickly positioning themselves as South Africa’s truly low cost airline. The airline is a subsidiary of SafAir, an air cargo provider, who have been operating in the industry for almost 50 years. Having the backing of this kind of experience is showing in the FlySafair Airline progress, with them already having increased their routes barely a year since launching. Currently you may book flights on the FlySafair Airline for East London, Durban, George, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg and Cape Town.


Booking FlySafair Flights


Bookings for flights can be instantly done on the FlySafair Airline website. Booking can also be done here for car hire which is done through the partner company First Car Rental. It provides a convenient way to have all of your travel logistics organized in one go. Bookings can also be done through their call centre or at sales counters at the airports in which they have routes. Doing bookings via the website is still the best way to go as the other 2 options have a surcharge fee.  The search for all available flights, on the FlySafair Airline website, requires very basic information such as location and dates to give you a selection to choose from, from which you may do the booking. FlySafair Airline allows for you to change the details of your booking for the following information

  • Date of flight
  • Time of flight
  • The passengers name
  • To add any extras to the flight

Changes to flights do come with an administration fee

Extra services that can be made during bookings consist ofFlySafair Airline

  • SMS notification service
  • Extra baggage
  • Sports equipment
  • Bookings for infants
  • Extra leg room seating


Payments for FlySafair Airline flights can be made by credit cards, SID, EFT or through the Pick n Pay stores. Credit cards from Diners Club, American Express, MasterCard and Visa are accepted for payment. SID, which is Secure Instant Deposit, allows for payment for flights directly through the FlySafair Airline website. EFT transfers can currently only be done through the call centre. If you do not make use of debit or credit cards in your life and are solely dependent on cash then the Pick n Pay payment option will suit you best. FlySafair Airline has partnered with one of the top grocery retailers in South Africa to allow you to make payment for their flights at the cashiers of these stores. Stores are found across the country and are easily accessible to almost everybody. To do payment you would need a reference code which you would get once you have chosen and booked your flight. An email will be sent to you confirming your flight with a booking reference which can be used during boarding.


Check-in for FlySafair Airline Flights can be done 2 ways

  • At the airport – there are many who still do not trust the internet and prefer to do their check-ins at the FlySafair counters at the airport they are departing from. Every passenger that checks into FlySafair Airline flights must show identification and this applies to children as well. Check-in opens 2 hours before the flight is due to depart and closes 40 minutes before the flight departs. You may want to pitch up a bit earlier if you are going for this option as there may be queues to contend with.
  • Online – doing the check-in online is fast becoming the preferred way of doing it. It opens 24 hours before the flight is due to take off so this means no more rushing to gap in at the 1 hour or so timeframe that it needs to done in at the check-in counter. It closes 4 hours before flight departure though, so the earlier you get this done, the better. Also if have checked in baggage on this option you must have it dropped off at the drop off zone by at least 40 minutes before flight take-off. Baggage that is to be checked in must weight below 20kg or you will be charged an extra fee. Bags may also not contains any dangerous items. Hand luggage that can be taken aboard must weigh less than 7kg or it will have to be checked in.


Special Needs Passengers on FlySafair Airline


FlySafair takes the safe travels of all its passengers very seriously. A person in good health standing can do a straightforward booking but some medically needy guests will need to inform FlySafair Airline of their situation so that they can be fully prepared should they run into any health trouble during the flight. Some passengers will require medical approval to be confirmed for flying on FlySafair Airline flights. These are guests with severe health problems and women who are between 28 to 35 weeks pregnant. Guests who have physical disabilities are advised to be at the airport at least 90 minutes before their flight so that they may board the plane first and be free of all the queues. Visually impaired guests need to inform the airline of their condition at least 48 hours before the flight. This is so that FlySafair Airline staff can accommodate to give any assistance that may be required. Guide dogs can travel free on FlySafair flights but identification must be produced.


Further Facts on FlySafair Airline


  • The FlySafair Airline fleet consists of Boeing 737 planes. The numbers of aircraft in their fleet is ever expanding, along with their routes. Each plane has a capacity to seat 165 people, on specially designed ergonomic seating, acquired from France. The seating is laid out to maximize leg room and make flights more posture friendly to passengers.
  • The FlySafair Airline call centre is opened 7 days a week from 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening.
  • FlySafair does not offer in-flight meals during their flights. Flights between the cities in South Africa are very short and seldom require for a full meal. However if you do feel peckish during the flight you may buy snacks (only with cash) such as peanuts, chips, muffins, sweets, hot and cold beverages and light alcoholic drinks.
  • FlySafair Airline provides travel insurance when flying with them to cover for such loss as theft and damage of personal belongings and flight delays.

FlySafair Airline

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