FlySafair Car Rental

FlySafair Car RentalThe FlySafair and First Car Rental partnership allows you to organize and book all of your travel needs in one place. This way, when you are scheduling dates, there is no need to visit multiple websites to organize a trip. FlySafair is a part of SafAir, which is an air cargo service provider in South Africa with almost 50 years in the air logistics industry. With FlySafair they have expanded into the passenger side of air logistics with low cost flights. FlySafair is fast catching up to providing affordable flights all over the country’s major cities with the demand for their affordable tickets proving quite a success story. First Car Rental, in operation for over 15 years, is also a South African based company servicing the car hire industry with almost 50 branches located countrywide.


Booking FlySafair Car Rentals


Both flights and car rentals can be booked on the FlySafair website. For doing a search to find flights and cars, the basic information of location and dates must be entered first. The results will be all FlySafair flights and First Car Rental vehicles that can be booked. For FlySafair car rental, the booking process requires the date, time and location of your pickup and drop off. Cars can be returned to a branch other than the one it was hired from. Bookings for FlySafair car rental can also be amended or cancelled. Security checks are done before the hire of some cars.

FlySafair Car Rental

Types of FlySafair Car Rental Vehicles


FlySafair car rental offers many vehicle types that are each categorized into groups. It is not possible to list car names and brands because they are continually updating their fleet. The vehicles that can be hired from FlySafair car rental are

  • Budget Cars – all of the budget cars come standard with aircon, power steering and radio. These cars may be economical but include some of the top models available. It comprises of hatchback vehicles which is the cheapest option when hiring cars and perfect for a single person or a small family to whizz about in because it is very light on fuel.
  • Executive Cars- executive vehicles provide maximum luxury for both the driver and the passengers. The range includes both sedans and SUV type vehicles in automatic and manual transmissions.
  • People Carrier Vehicles – are beneficial when travelling with a group of people. FlySafair car rental offers vehicles that can seat 6, 8 or 10 people. This way the group can stay intact and not have to travel separately.

Having your own car when travelling for business or pleasure in South Africa is a big convenience. While public transport is readily available, there are waiting times involved, not to mention all of the time lost when buses and minibuses stop all over to drop and pick up passengers. If you are traveling on business, you can’t afford to risk being late for any important meetings and if you are travelling on holiday, why waste all that time on public transport. Going on a holiday is expensive so every minute counts to enjoy and see as much as you can to fully get your money’s worth. Taxis are faster but very expensive and the constant organizing to get from place to place is maddening. So public transport eats into your time and private taxis eats into your wallet, making hiring out your own car a very necessary venture. Having your own car to run about in may not be as cheap as travelling in public transport but FlySafair car rental have affordable rates that match the affordability of FlySafair flight ticket prices.

Direct transfersFlySafair Car Rental

FlySafair car rental does not offer the booking of direct transfers on the FlySafair website and for this you would have to go directly to First Car Rental website. However when flying on FlySafair anywhere in the country and you require affordable airport transfer then this is an option to consider. There is a sense of relief involved when you know there will be ground transport waiting for you when you arrive at your destination and do not have to worry about flagging down a taxi and negotiating costs. You will be quoted a set figure that won’t be changed unless you require additional services. Their rates are quite affordable and available around the country.


Extra services from FlySafair Car Rentals

  • FlySafair car rental allows for you to request for your invoices to be emailed to you. You can also get emails regarding your eToll bills.
  • With FlySafair car rental you can directly log in either complaints or compliments to their Cristal system. In addition you can also view the progress of an existing query. This way you know that sending in an enquiry was not in vain and will eventually be looked at
  • Because FlySafair car rental only use their vehicles for a certain time frame they have a lot of second hand cars that are put up for sale all the time. Their vehicles are fully roadworthy and in very good condition. They are inspected before and after all rentals and serviced routinely. This constant monitoring of vehicles is a secure way to buy second hand cars as they can give the full history of the car and won’t sell substandard vehicles as they have a reputation to uphold.FlySafair Car Rental
  • You are also able to book navigation systems from FlySafair car rental. This is probably an essential item if you are in a city that you are not totally familiar with. Even if you are a frequent visitor it is a good addition to add during the FlySafair car rental booking process because you won’t get lost when finding new places. You will be kept safer by not venturing into any bad areas, get to your destination faster and be directed to the nearest petrol station should you run out of fuel.
  • Baby seats are another option to add during booking. It is against the law in South Africa to carry a baby or toddler in your arms. They are safer in car seats and FlySafair car rental provides baby car seats and booster seats for toddlers. These items must be booked in advance to ensure they are available.



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