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FlySafair FlightsThe demand for cheap air travel has grown exponentially in South Africa. Many low cost airlines had popped up to cater for this high demand but sadly some have gone out of business. FlySafair Airlines have the backing of their parent company, SafAir, which provides experience in the aviation industry that most new airlines do not have. Their fleet is made up of Boeing 737 aircraft which is the preferred choice of air transport for budget airlines. Everything from seating to paint choices are made with the intention of keeping the plane as light as possible. This is to keep fuel costs lower and have less of a negative impact on the environment. Lower fuel costs also lead to lower airfare prices which is the primary objective of FlySafair flights.


The FlySafair Flights


Currently FlySafair flights can be booked for the following areas

  • Durban – the warmest city in South Africa has ideal weather all year round and is the perfect destination to have a seaside holiday. There are also many game reserves, nature parks, shopping and tourist spots to visit. Many international sporting events are held in the city also. But the main allure remains the beaches, which much like the climate, is almost always warm.
  • Johannesburg – is rich in cultural history and is South Africa’s biggest city. Some of the best architecture in Africa can be found here. Johannesburg is one of the greenest cities in the world. Some famous spots to visit when here include the Cradle of Mankind, the Mandela Museum, Gold Reef City and Soweto
  • Cape Town – the mother city of South Africa is one of the most sought after cities for foreigners to visit. It has been given international recognition by major publications like the New York Times as the best city to visit in the world. Must see spots to visit here are Table Mountain, Cape Point, Robben Island, Simon’s Town, the Cape Winelands and the many beaches.
  • Port Elizabeth – the windy city in South Africa is home to the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum, St Georges Park and the Ironman Africa. A fantastic place for water sports, it is also famed for its dolphin and whale sightings.
  • George – is located halfway between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth on the Garden Route. It is the point on the Garden Route which serves as the business hub.
  • East London – can be found in the southeast coast of South Africa.  Attractions in the city are the East London Zoo and Museum, private game reserves and a Caravan Park. FlySafair Flights


Air travel between these destinations are very short so the airline has taken the decision to not provide meals during FlySafair flights. However snacks are available for purchase during the flight which includes juices, sodas, tea, coffee, wines, beers, savoury snacks, muffins and candy. These items can only be bought with cash and not cards.

The seating on FlySafair flights have been designed to maximize both comfort and proper posture. Ergonomic seating helps align your back to sit at the proper posture. This way your back is well supported and you don’t feel too sluggish when you land.


The FlySafair Flights booking process

Bookings for FlySafair flights can be done via their website, call centre or at ticket sales counters at the airport. Buying tickets at the airport or through the call centre does come with an administration fee. There are no charges if you do the booking yourself on the FlySafair website which is not a complicated process at all. The search engine gives all results of available FlySafair flights for the date and location you enter into it, from which you can choose a flight to do a booking. Once booked, you are also able to change the details of FlySafair flights. These include the name of the passenger and the date and time of the flight. This does come with an added cost though. During bookings you are also able to take care of any extras you would like from the FlySafair flight such as extra baggage and extra leg room seating. They also allow for you to get insurance on the flight that covers costs for delayed flights and loss or theft of personal items of luggage. Baggage rules on FlySafair flights are

  • Hand luggage of 7kg measuring (56x36x23cm) can be taken aboard FlySafair flights and is included in the ticket price. If the bag deviated from this in either extra weight or larger size dimension then it will have to be checked in and you will pay the price of the check-in luggage.
  • Check in luggage needs to be booked during the booking process. Bags need to be within the 20kg limit with dimensions of (90x75x43). Anything above that weight will be charged a heavy bag fee. FlySafair Flights


You may also do a booking for car rental on the FlySafair search engine for vehicles from the partner company First Car Rental. As with flights, you put in details for location and dates and you will be given a list of all available cars for that period. The company has many vehicle options to be hired from economical to higher end cars.


Check-in for FlySafair Flights


Before boarding onto FlySafair flights, passengers are required to check-in. This can be done as far back as 24 hours before the flight is to depart, on the FlySafair website, and is open until 4 hours before the flight departs. The earlier you use this option, the more likely you will be able to get the seats that you like, especially the coveted extra leg room seats which may still be available if it wasn’t taken during booking.

Alternatively, check-in can also be done directly at the airport. Unlike checking in online where you can do so at your convenience and can arrive at the airport a little later to just drop off bags and board, check-in at the airport requires you to arrive before check-in counters open to account for the queues. Latecomers will not be accepted for check-in as this will delay the flight to accommodate for them.FlySafair Flights

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