FlySafair Specials

FlySafair is a fairly new low-cost airline for passengers. It was founded by SafAir which is an air logistics company in South Africa. FlySafair may be new to the aviation market but SafAir has almost 50 years of history that can be counted on to ensure reliable service and to not fold like so many other low cost airlines. The fast increase in routes is indicative of the high demand for their affordable flights


FlySafair Routes

  • Cape Town
  • Durban
  • Johannesburg
  • George
  • Port Elizabeth
  • East London

Their routes are ever expanding and they even allow their fans to vote for the next city they should start flying to.


How are FlySafair Specials so Cheap

Because FlySafair specials are so cheap, people wonder what exactly they are skimping on.

Booking FlySafair flights is already the first step in getting cheap air fare, as affordable air travel is the foundation of the company. To get the cheapest price for tickets, you should book as soon as flights are made available. The first seats on any flights are usually sold the cheapest so this would be the ideal time to purchase. If you are planning a holiday and want to save, be one of the first to book seats on a plane. As the seats fill up, the prices increase so don’t wait to book when there are only a few seats left. FlySafair specials aren’t usually for the higher demand time periods. These times are Friday and Sunday nights when people are desperate for tickets

All flights for FlySafair specials take place on the environmentally friendly Boeing 737 aircraft. These planes use less fuel which in turn means airfare prices are lower. The fleet of planes that are used for the FlySafair specials may not have been bought brand new for the airline but are always being maintained and meet all the standards to be IOSA compliant. The Boeing 737 is the aircraft of choice to many of the low cost airlines around the world.

FlySafair specials do not come standard with check-in luggage in their air fare. This way, those who do not need to travel with luggage do not pay an additional fee for nothing. FlySafair has conducted research that found that some of their customers do not need check-in luggage for flights and that the 7kg carryon baggage is enough for some time away. It is part of the reason FlySafair specials are so cheap. If you do need to carry extra luggage then you can share a 20kg bag with a friend to save by not paying a full price.

Also not standard for FlySafair specials, is an on-board meal. Carry along some cash, to buy some snacks and drinks for if you do get peckish during the flight. FlySafair flights do not accept cards as payment for food items, only cash. There are quite a bit of stuff to choose from such as tea, coffee, cool drinks, juices, wines, beers, chips, peanuts, muffins, sweets and chocolate


About FlySafair

The seating on the aircraft for FlySafair specials feature ergonomic seats and was designed to give as much leg room as possible. There are 165 seats available on each flight

Bookings can be done 3 ways for FlySafair specials. This is through their website, call centre or at a ticket counter at the airport. The last 2 options have an admin fee attached to them but the online booking option is free to make use of. This way you also get a list of all available flights at your fingertips and can choose one that suits you best.

Payment can be made for FlySafair specials 4 ways.

  • Credit cards
  • SID
  • EFT
  • Pick n Pay

FlySafair specials can be booked for medically needy passengers. All specials needs guests will need to let FlySafair know of their conditions so that they are prepared to have staff available to help out or prepare equipment that may be needed. Some guests will need a doctor’s approval before flying on FlySafair. Visually impaired guests can bring along their guide dog, along with identification for the dog, to travel in the cabin with them at no added cost.

Check-in can be done 2 ways

  • Online – the online option allows you to check-in before you even leave for the airport because it opens 24 hours before your flight departs. Also the sooner you check-in here, the better your chances of getting the seats you want. Check-in closes 4 hours before plane departure.
  • Airport counter – the counter option opens 2 hours before flight departure and closes 40 minutes before. There will likely be a queue so you would need to get to the airport early enough.

Check-in baggage does not come standard on FlySafair flights. You would have to book in a bag of 20kg during booking. Also, if you have done the online check-in, you would need to be at the airport by 40 minutes before your flight takes off to drop off your bag at the drop off zone. Carryon luggage of 7kg is included in FlySafair specials. Items declared dangerous items such as guns and knives will not be allowed onto FlySafair flights

FlySafair airlines has an agreement with First Car Rental whereby you are able to book car rentals directly on the FlySafair website. This allows you to handle all travel arrangements in one place.

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