Woodford car rental Durban

Woodford car rental Durban not only offers vehicles but all of the trimming that goes with it to make travelling even easier. They aim to be a one stop place for all your vehicle needs when traveling.

Baby seats are offered at Woodford car rental Durban but must be reserved in advance. Having a baby secured in a baby seat is a legal requirement in South Africa. The law that came to pass in early 2015 aims to keep babies safer while road traveling. There are 2 types of seats available for hire at Woodford car rental Durban. The first is the baby seat for new-borns and older babies. The other is the booster seat for toddlers. Toddlers cannot be placed under normal seat belts as they can slip out from it. The baby seats are designed to keep the baby comfortable as well.

Navigation systems are also available at Woodford car rental Durban. Traveling in a different city is difficult as you are not familiar with the surroundings. Maps could be of help if you have a passenger directing you while figuring out the directions. It’s not so helpful when you are alone. It’s dangerous to keep consulting a map when driving as not paying attention to the road could lead to an accident. Also, stopping on the sides of roads is not a wise move. Navigation systems offer hands free help. You set in your destination address and allow the voice commands to direct you safely to your location. You are also fully focused on the road. These systems also offer multiple routes where you could choose either the quickest or a more scenic route.

Durban offers many scenic locations that cyclists find very alluring. Out of townies bringing in a bicycle can make use of Woodford car rental Durban for use of a bicycle rack. These racks can be mounted on the back of cars to transport a bicycle safely. Bicycles can fit into some of the bigger sedans but this would not leave much space for passengers or luggage. This way you know your bike is secure and won’t be bouncing around.

All vehicles at Woodford car rental Durban are air-conditioned. Air conditioning is necessary in Durban because of the warm climate. Visitors used to the colder climates find that even in winter they would need to make use of air-conditioning in cars.

The Woodford Company has over 1000 vehicles countrywide. Cars can be rented from the Woodford car rental Durban branch and returned to another location in the country. Woodford car hire has branches in all major airports in South Africa so finding a return place in your city won’t be too much of a hassle.

Reservations at Woodford car rental Durban can be done many ways. Calling through to their call centre is an option used by some who are not familiar with browsing the internet. The call centre is open 7 days a week, all day long. There are no set office hours so you may call through at any time that suits you. The consultants offer friendly service and advice and will have expertise to offer you the best package for your requirements.

This process will go a lot faster if you have the correct information on hand before calling through. The renters name is the first bit of information that will be asked for. He or she must be a licensed driver and have been driving for at least 2 years. Next you will be asked about what vehicle type you would prefer. The consultant may help with recommending a vehicle or giving advice on vehicle specifications. Next is rental locations and where you would like to pick up your vehicle from. Note that the pickup and return location can be different if you wish to return the vehicle in another city.


The rental dates are very important at Woodford car rental Durban. Ensure that you pick up on your selected dates as you will still be charged even if you show up late. Return dates are equally important. Cars could be listed to be given to another customer after you return it. Late returns will result in penalty fees. Woodford car rental Durban maintains a strict policy on late returns. They need the vehicle to be returned on time so that it could be inspected for faults and cleaned before hiring it out again.


Finally you would need your payment method on hand as well. You may also request for a quote via email. Woodford car rental Durban will call you back to discuss all information regarding your vehicle hiring needs. Probably the easiest method of doing reservations at Woodford car rental Durban is online. Your details can be inputted directly on the reservations page on their website and you would get back quotes in as little as seconds. The website also allows for you to modify or cancel your reservation.


If you are going to be renting out a car for a longer period of time, then it would be wise to make use of the Woodford car rental Durban monthly rental rates. Monthly packages are customized for each individuals need. The monthly rates are available if you are booking a car for over 28 days and come with free kilometres. It is an attractive offer to businesses who wish to have cars in their fleet but not worry about acquisition or maintenance details.


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